So I don’t really talk about where I live that often.

It’s gorgeous.



I’ve only been meaning to wander around town with my camera since I bought it, oh, a year ago, BUT laziness. I finally snapped a few photos at work the other day.

Because yes, this is the view from where I work.


Idyllic af.

Kashima is situated in a flat sort of basin, sprawling with farmland and surrounded by massive blue mountains. In other words it’s rural as hell, but even though I prefer urban environments both aesthetically and as a place to live, I’ve always found it shockingly beautiful.



Not that I’ve done a magnificent job of capturing the beauty with my camera I don’t know how to use, but I tried, okay?

P1010914 edit


More pics to come, eventually. I still have yet to explore the shrines and stuff in the area. Unfortunately what really strikes me about the town is the architecture, but unless I work up the balls to photograph people’s houses that post may never come.

Womp womp.


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